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Urology Surgery in Glendale & Los Angeles County


Expert Urology Surgery in Glendale & Los Angeles County

People often feel uncomfortable talking about ailments related to the urinary tract or reproductive system. But seeking an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment can be vital to leading a healthier, happier life. At Avalon Surgery Center, we will pair you with a qualified urologist and provide expert treatment in an advanced surgical environment to restore you to better urinary or reproductive function.

Specializing in the Urinary Tract and Male Reproductive System

What is Urology?

Urology is the branch of medicine that deals with the urinary tract and male reproductive systems. Urologists perform surgical procedures related to the bladder, ureters, urethra, and kidney. For men, urologists can also help with fertility issues. Some common urological problems include hematuria, kidney stones, prostate enlargement, UTI, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, vesicoureteral reflux, and hydronephrosis in children. If you are suffering from one of these issues or another urinary or male reproductive complaint, we can pair you with a highly-skilled Los Angeles urologist to help you plan and execute a treatment that restores better function and comfort.

Urological Care is Healthcare

What are the benefits of Urology Surgery?

Early diagnosis of urinary problems aids in effective treatment and may help prevent the development of additional functional issues. If you are experiencing fertility or sexual issues, time may also be of the essence; we are here to provide the information and care you need to assist you in your journey to fatherhood or provide better sexual function. Though seldom discussed, proper functioning of the urinary and male reproductive systems can have a positive effect on your overall health and quality of life. Our skilled and compassionate providers are on hand to provide the trusted expertise and surgical options you need.

Safe for All

Am I a good candidate for Urology Surgery?

If you are experiencing incontinence, trouble urinating, pain in the pelvic region, infertility, difficulty getting an erection, or other issues related to the urinary or male reproductive system, we can help. A member of our highly-qualified urological team will diagnose the cause of your symptoms and create a treatment plan that restores better function and comfort. Your medical history will be assessed to ensure that your treatment can be performed safely and effectively.

Be Prepared

Your Procedure

After learning about your symptoms and running any tests needed to obtain an accurate diagnosis, your Glendale and Los Angeles County urologist will determine which surgical procedure or treatment is appropriate. They will answer any questions and provide you with instructions on how to prepare for your procedure. If you are undergoing surgery that requires general anesthesia, part of your preparation will be arranging a ride home afterward. On the day of your surgery, you will be made comfortable and put to sleep using general anesthesia to ensure a painless procedure. After your surgery, you will be monitored in one of our recovery rooms and then released to return home for the remainder of your recovery.

Focus on Healing

Urology Surgery Recovery

Before your urology surgery Los Angeles County and Glendale based doctors will review your recovery timeline and post-op treatment. We offer state-of-the-art and comfortable recovery rooms to help you get on the mend, so that you can return home and continue your recovery with confidence. Our expert urologists and medical staff are committed to providing you safe and effective care that alleviates your symptoms, including ongoing support as you heal. We are always on hand to answer questions and provide any follow-up care needed to get you confidently back to your life again.

Effective Treatment

Urology Surgery Results

Whatever your reason for consulting a urologist Glendale and Los Angeles County based Avalon Surgery Center's mission is to help you reach your treatment goals and live a healthier, happier, fuller life. For patients with urinary disorders, our services can help relieve pain, discomfort, and embarrassment, allowing you to be more active and confident every day. If you are seeking treatment to improve erectile or fertility issues, we can assist you in restoring function that provides a better quality of life or helps you achieve your goal of fatherhood.

Get Help Today

Let us pair you with a qualified Los Angeles Urology Specialist

There is no reason to suffer with urinary or reproductive issues alone. We offer compassionate, expert care to resolve your symptoms and restore you to greater functionality, comfort, and confidence. Contact Avalon Surgery Center and let us chart your path to better health today.

Urology Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

For your safety and comfort, most surgical procedures are performed using general anesthesia. Your surgeon will provide a detailed post-op recovery plan, including any medication needed to alleviate pain during your recovery.

Your recovery time will depend on the type of procedure you have. You will receive information about the downtime associated with your treatment before undergoing surgery.

Since most urology surgeries are performed using general anesthesia, you will need to arrange a ride home afterward.

Avalon knows there’s so much more to surgery than what happens on the operating room table. That’s why we ensure surgeons who choose Avalon have everything they need to perform their best work, whether that’s top-of-the-line OR equipment or a place to rest and plan between procedures. Check out our facility or schedule a visit to learn more about how Avalon can help you do your best work.

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At Avalon, you can concentrate on getting ready for surgery and recovery and let us handle the rest. Our staff can help your patients at each stage of your surgery journey and give you the best chance to achieve positive surgical outcomes. Partnering with Avalon Surgery Center gives you the best chance for surgical success by putting patients first.

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