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Hernia Surgery in Glendale & Los Angeles County

Put Your Hernia in Its Place

Expert Hernia Repair in Glendale at Avalon Surgery Center

Hernias are a painful, frustrating, and frightening experience, and one that could have serious health impacts if not handled carefully. Thankfully, the trained surgeons working with Avalon Surgery Center can help you fix your hernia for good in a comfortable and top-of-the-line surgical center dedicated to your safe surgery and recovery. Schedule your hernia surgery at Avalon Surgery Center today to get relief from your hernia symptoms.

A Painful Condition

What is a Hernia?

Hernias happen when a section of internal tissue or organ pushes through a weakened section of muscle, typically in the abdomen or groin area. There are multiple causes and types of hernias, but in many cases, treating a hernia will eventually require surgery.

Common Hernias

Hiatal Hernia

With a hiatal hernia, the stomach pushes through the opening in the diaphragm. This can cause pain that feels like heartburn or even a heart attack. While not visible from outside the body, hiatal hernias can be frustrating and dangerous, as there is a risk that the herniated section of the stomach could get strangulated in the esophagus, which is a life-threatening emergency.

Inguinal Hernia

An inguinal hernia happens when the stomach or intestine pushes through a weak part of the abdominal wall closer to the groin or pelvis. These hernias can often be seen protruding through the abdominal wall and pressing on the skin. In some cases, the herniated tissue will “pop” back into place, but the risk of a recurrent hernia will typically continue until surgery corrects the weakened abdominal wall.

Ventral Hernia

These hernias pop up due to incomplete closures of the abdominal wall, typically due to a birth defect or previous surgery. Like other hernias, the danger is that the portion of the stomach or intestine that pushes through the opening gets strangulated. Surgery to repair the hole in the abdominal wall can protect you against this risk.

Sports Hernia

Sports hernias happen when physical exertion causes the organs to pop through a weakening or tear in the abdominal wall. This is more likely to occur in sports that require sudden twisting or changes in direction. Surgery can repair the damage and restore proper placement of the organs.

Peace of Mind

What are the benefits of Hernia Surgery?

Having a hernia can feel like walking on eggshells in a minefield. You get nervous about lifting, twisting, or making sudden movements, in case your organs pop back through the weakened abdominal wall. If you have a persistent hernia, it can be painful and worrisome, as the risk of strangulation is always there. Hernia Surgery eliminates the pain, repairs the tissue, and prevents the hernia from recurring.

Get Your Hernia Fixed

Am I a good candidate for Hernia Surgery?

Most healthy adults are good candidates for hernia surgery. As the surgery is minimally invasive and generally considered low risk, the risks of not treating a hernia are far more serious than undergoing surgery to repair it. Your surgeon will review your medical history to ensure there are no complicating factors to your surgery.

Repair and Restore

Your Hernia Surgery Procedure

Many hernia surgeries at Avalon Surgical Center are performed laparoscopically. Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive and can provide a shorter recovery time and better outcomes. Your surgeon will determine the best approach for your procedure. You will receive local and general anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Back to Normal

Hernia Surgery Recovery

In most cases, you will need to stay off your feet for a few days following surgery and focus on your recovery. However, because laparoscopic surgery incisions are so small, most patients find they can return to their regular routines within a few days. Your surgeon will provide a detailed recovery timeline as part of your surgery plan.

Strength and Confidence

Hernia Surgery Results

At Avalon Surgery Center in Glendale hernia surgery experts use innovative care protocol deliver a patient-first approach with excellent results. After your recovery, you will be able to resume your daily activities. If you continue to take care of your body, the rate of recurrence following a hernia surgery at Avalon Surgery Center is very low.

The Time Is Now

Schedule your Los Angeles County Hernia Surgery with Avalon Surgery Centers today

Every day you suffer from a hernia is a day you could be on the path to recovery. Don’t risk life-threatening complications by avoiding treatment. Let a highly qualified surgeon fix your hernia and get you back to doing the things you love without pain or apprehension.

Hernia Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Post-operative pain is minimal, and your nurse will work with your doctor to ensure your comfort before being discharged home. Minor discomfort in the days following your surgery is expected.

Like all surgeries, there are some risks to hernia surgery, including bleeding, bruising, swelling, and infection. However, the risks of hernia surgery are usually far less than the risks of not getting hernia surgery. Your surgeon will review your risk factors and help you decide if hernia surgery is right for you.

Avalon knows there’s so much more to surgery than what happens on the operating room table. That’s why we ensure surgeons who choose Avalon have everything they need to perform their best work, whether that’s top-of-the-line OR equipment or a place to rest and plan between procedures. Check out our facility or schedule a visit to learn more about how Avalon can help you do your best work.

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At Avalon, you can concentrate on getting ready for surgery and recovery and let us handle the rest. Our staff can help your patients at each stage of your surgery journey and give you the best chance to achieve positive surgical outcomes. Partnering with Avalon Surgery Center gives you the best chance for surgical success by putting patients first.

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